Sunday, November 30, 2008

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 11

And it's takeaway time...
what did we learn from Britney: For The Record

"...I love my babies. I work real hard."

"...I'll have a good book one day."

Um, what I learned is that Britney likes what she's doing, but really kinda hates her life.
Was that supposed to make me like her more?
Or buy her perfume?

And, the "after show"

How do you feel Britney?

"...ahh, good."

um, say it with me folks, cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 10

...oh sure now you like your kids.
and your job.
Your life really is pretty boring.

Courtney and Laura Lynn BFF's seem similar to the planted old pal in Madonna's Truth or Dare tickets scene.

In all honesty, Truth or Dare is a great movie.
Do you think this documentary will parodied as wonderfully as this on SNL this Saturday??

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 9

Sad moment of tears where she admits she's so sad....
No one listens to her, because she's still not allowed to make choices for herself.

"I never get my way, ever.
...simple things that I should come naturally I don't get. And those are the things I want the most."

"There's no excitement or passion."

Well, that blows. also she really didn't want those kids.
"My kids represented home, and I just didn't want to be home. I'd get into my car and drive anywhere."

Because as we know...

...what the fuck is up with her eyebrow??

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 8

Britney's dad sounds like Boomauer from King of the Hill...

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 7


It's brought to you by...
her flippin perfume.

I'm lovin' it.

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 6

"My baby's daddy is there."
That's why Britney can't be in NY and has to be in LA.

She also sounds like she regrets having kids. Well, maybe not the kids themselves, but with Kevin.

Um, she also sounds kinda dumb.

But- let's not forget she's no Jessica Simpson.

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 5

OH! She had paparazzi following her on 14th street in NY right near where I work!
New York minute!!

Seriously, it does look pretty shitty to be followed everywhere. That camera dude that went nuts was kinda scary.

I love the dramatic lighting during the "private person" discussion. Oh documentaries....let's bring back Behind the Music.
Who else is getting nostalgic for that?
Here's some memory lane for you.

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 4

-Her Dad crying about how pretty she is partially sweet/partially creepy cause you wonder if he's like,
cha-ching, cha-ching...
(Similar to this great SNL sketch with Tracy Morgan and Tim Meadows)

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 3

She talks about Justin!

Oh, America, how much do we love our gossip. We're like London with our paperazzi supporting interest.

But come on, it's Justin Timberlake.

We all love him.

And it's relatable how hard it is to get over first love.

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 2

I completely missed this video of hers that won best video?
I don't think I ever watched "You Want a Piece of Me"
Where was I?

...probably watching Pushing Daises.

Well, now I have more time for videos.

le sigh.

Britney Documentary Live Blog Post 1

Oooooh you think you know but you have no idea,
this is the true life story of you having no freakin' idea

about Britney Spears.

Ok, so she wants to be Madonna, we all know this.

But don't say she's LL Cool J, she doesn't want to call this a comeback.
Apparently folks, what she wants us to know is she's been spoiled for years. I love the limo shot where she tells the driver to roll. Yep, this is every day, she's ordering the car to be where her dad wants her to go.

Britney Spears Documentary on MTV Event

I am so excited.
I love Britney. I'm sorry, but I'm not even gonna lie here, I am excited about the new album.

And after the horrific performance of VMA 2007 tonight's documentary is supposed to pick up. In case you missed it, here's the clip:

CORRECTION: The documentary picks up after the 2008 redemption (let's be fair though, anyone looks better compared to that train-wreck host dude).

She's made what every American loves, a comeback and seems to be as good as she was in Toxic in this Womanizer video.
Here you can judge, I'll wait:
Video for Toxic
Video for Womanizer

And now she's gonna reveal the full story...let's see.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Favorite Fun Fact of the Day

The guy who does the voice of Count Chocula,
is also the guy who does the voice of Lionel on Thunder Cats

is Kerri Kenney's Dad!

...and now your moment of Kerri Kenney