Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Shows I am Loving Right Now

  1. Modern Family - I want to watch every episode over and over again. Great characters, comedic timing, and it reminds me of 'Arrested Development' in a very good way.
  2. Community - I'm glad to see America is catching on to this hilarious show.
  3. Chuck - According to The TV Talk Podcast, season 2 ended in a game changer and newbies like myself (I only watched the pilot, and liked it, but was tired of agent stuff because 24 burned me out.) can jump in and enjoy. I followed their advice and have been really happy that I went for it. It's a really fun show to watch.
  4. Parenthood - I have to admit, it's not on my regular rotation, but I really find myself falling for this show...OK Peter Krause has a lot to do with that. The writing on this show is stellar though, I mean they even make Dax Shephard look good.
  5. Nurse Jackie - I watched season two's premiere three times already. I really miss Momo, but this season looks really exciting - I just hope the trailer they showed at the end didn't give too much away.