Saturday, October 18, 2008

W. Trailer Spoof from the Soup

Cause it was a really great episode this week...another clip from the soup:

No need to thank me.

Britney's New Video: Soup Spoofed!

I love the Soup, but I fell a little deeper after this spoof:

You're welcome.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Jumps Shark, Then Stomps It to Death

Let's see, when did the shark jumping exactly happen?

Was it when they had a prom in the hospital?
When Izzy resurrected the deer?
Was it when Christina fell after finally telling of Meredith and then an Icicle falls and stabs her?
Ding ding ding!

Seriously, what the fuck are these writers smoking. The great characters season 1 and 2 built have been killed by ridiculousness on Grey's Anatomy.

I'll tell you exactly when they shot themselves in the foot -
Meredith was almost dead, and then they let her live.
By far one of the most annoying characters in history, a flaw to the show she shares a titular name with, Meredith Grey adds nothing to Grey's Anatomy.
We could've had a great show without the whining, bitching, and indecisive moaning over her beautiful man and parental issues.

And then - you think, well maybe they realized all this when Christina tells her off (Episode 1 this season on ABC) and then they punish Christina's character with a falling icicle. Really? Really.

What happened writers? Did the strike make you insane. Why must the hospital face "black ice" and "floods" every week now?
Stop the tricks, tell the story about doctors and patients and relationships.
That's what people liked about the show. All this madness of elements is just a side story that is wasting time.
I am considering giving up that hour long silliness and find something else.

I hear the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency has real drama.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

FINALLY! A Family Show

I had heard good things about ABC's Pushing Daises. So, I tuned in this evening. Perhaps it was the overwhelming saturation of subway ads that made me check in as well, but I figured- season 2 is the time for me to jump in.

It was super easy to follow. I mean super easy. Like narrator, director and actors take you by the hand and tell you exactly what's going on.

This show is fun. It feels a little last season X-Files hokey, but it's cute. I highly recommend it if you have a High Def television, because visually it's stunning.

The really exciting thing about this show - it's on at 8pm, and it's something the family could really all enjoy together without having to endure horrible cheesy triteness like, oh I dunno... 3 and a Half Men (WHY AMERICA? WHY?.. step forward and let me know how it's possible that you've watched more than 5 minutes of that show.)

Parents may be concerned that it deals with death (The main characters are detectives. One of them has the ability to bring people back from death for a minute to ask them how they died, but no longer, or else someone else dies.) but it's Disneyish death, so don't shelter your kids. Snuggle with them and watch this cute, quirky show.

If I haven't sold you yet on checking it out: Swoozie Kurtz (Sisters, Reality Bites) and Ellen Greene (Audry from Little Shop of Horrors!!) and Kristin Chenoweth playing a tough adorable blonde (shock!)

Seriously, next Wednesday at 8pm EST you should try Pushing Daises.

30 Rock Fans - Premier is THIS THURSDAY

on Hulu.
Check it, to create buzz on this Emmy Award winning show, NBC is allowing the premier of the 3rd Season of 30 Rock to hit hulu first.

So, on Thursday, October 2nd check here for the newest episode!

This is pretty great stuff. They also premiered Knight Rider...and that shitty show Life on Hulu. Snooze.

The early premier is not uncommon this season. I watched Californication on Showtime On Demand before it's Sunday premier. It was decent. I'm into the new direction the show is taking now that he's got his love back. I definitely recommend giving it a shot.
But, if there's any show to get into this season on Showtime, it's Dexter. Good lord, worth the hype! Great new season, great new direction. I'm actually excited to see Jimmy Smits join the cast with a great character and surprising accent.
Check out the website, now with creepy overlay.

My Review of Heroes, as Texted to Arthur Carlson

(SPOILER ALERT! This will reveal what happens in episode 3 of Heroes Season 3)

Sent at 12:02AM, Wednesday, October 1st

Watched heroes, my take: Hiro's plot is the cartoonish japanimation plot - the Dragon Ball to the darker plot line's Dragon Ball Z - if I may totally dork out.

Now, this new Sylar with the Petrelli Mom, is a little bit of a fun reversal of the "Luke I am Your Father", but I dig it.

Overall, I feel this season is all a comic book live action tv show which i love, but fear that at times it toes the line of adam west circa 68 batman that i love for its campiness but would hate to see heroes go that way because it has such potential.

Speaking of potential - why is it that tracy just abandons myka?

He has the power to talk to machines, not raise himself.

Thing I think probably bugged you the most:
a. The Peter on Peter action
b. The Dragon Ball plot
c. The Sylar Petrelli storyline
My guess is b.

....My apologies to Arthur's fiance, Andrea who most likely woke up to the sound of ten text messages coming in at such an hour.