Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aaron Sorkin is Coming Back to Us

That's right American TV fans, we're getting a new show about cable news from Aaron Sorkin.
It's going to be on HBO and, well, it sounds pretty great so far. Check out this article.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Let's Talk Dexter

I'm about to discuss season 6 of Dexter. If you haven't caught up, stop now, and go catch up. I can wait.

A Reaction from Season 6, Episode 6: Just Let Go

This season of Dexter is definitely very different than others. Instead of having his own "dark passenger" persona and a pal that is a personification of the dark passenger (his brother, Lila, Miguel, Trinity, Lumen) this season Dexter's friend is on the "light" side as a man of God. Brother Sam was introduced as a possible killer in the beginning of the season, but when he's cleared of wrong doings Dexter finds him useful in explaining faith, something Dexter never had. His religion was basically "righting wrongs" by killing.

This week's episode was exquisite writing with the choice of turning Dexter away from the light. When Sam sends Dexter to forgive his killer, Dexter seems rather genuine. He didn't bring his tools, he took him to the beach to remind him of brother Sam's teachings. But, when the killer won't repent, Dexter let's his dark passenger take over. This is a pivotal moment of rejecting the light is a huge turning point for this season. Not only did Dexter reject the light, but by doing so he's embodied even more of his own darkness. This is illustrated by the person that watches over Dexter from the beyond as he kills his victim. It is no longer his father, Harry, but rather his brother.

The new darkness that will encapsulate Dexter looks extremely manic. Perhaps the methodical, careful Dexter is now gone.

What an amazing choice by the writers and absolutely worth the build up. I know many have disliked the tone of this season, but I believe this about-face proves that these writers know exactly what they're doing, and I am buckling up and eagerly anticipating the rest of this ride.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Am I Watching These Shows?

There are certain commercials that will come on every now and then for TV shows that you can't help but wonder, "WHO is watching that?"
Here's a short list:
NCIS LA - LL Cool J "acting"
Shark Tank -has nothing to do with sharks.
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy

There's no dash next to those last two because... I'm the one watching them.
I know, I know - look away from me! My poor-taste is too awful to watch!!

These shows are more played out than my Billy Joel greatest hits tapes (Don't look at me like that, I'm from Long Island), and yet I tune in week after week.

I'd love to say that I'm still riveted, or it's the investment in the characters --and even though those things do factor in -- it's more a matter of a need for answers.

For example...

Grey's Anatomy
Will they ever just kill Meredith?
How do male actors read this script and not say something about how completely unnatural it is?
What stupid medical procedure will they do for ratings/to remind us they still work in a hospital?

Desperate Housewives
Does it end up that it turns out to actually be the town I grew up in?
Will they ever learn to stop keeping secrets and just tell the police?

and with both of these shows...

How much longer must I wait for a man to take off his shirt and show off his killer abs?!

I could call these shows a guilty pleasure, but the ridiculous decline of both of these series seems to merit something worse. Perhaps we should just start calling the love of such shameful, poor-quality TV Jersey Shore Pleasures. Although in some ways, the writing for that is even better.

I'm excited to see how they conclude Desperate Housewives, although the road we're going down right now doesn't seem all that sunny. The current story-line is reminiscent to season one's suicide. Oh, those zany housewives!

And as for Grey's...I think I'm simply looking forward to how much more ridiculous it can get.
If you're looking for a sappy movie that is so bad it's hilarious, just try an episode out. I'm telling you, there are some quality, unwittingly funny moments in this show that are worth the watch...
if you're really bored.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Totally Stopped Watching 'The Ringer'

I know I said it wasn't that bad, but here's the thing - it wasn't good enough for me to remember what day it was on. The fact that I remembered that The Rachel Zoe Project is on Tuesdays but couldn't bother to recall that about The Ringer is a telling, albeit embarrassing, truth.
I am watching some great new scripted shows and hoping with my recent job-loss to get into some new ones that are getting great reviews. Here's my new-fall must-see list

1. Suburgatory - Totally off my radar, but really like it. Great casting, decent writing.

2. Up All Night - I know some have given up hope, but I am still trying

3. New Girl - It's a fun show, and I would also like a theme song at any given moment so it's relate-able.

4. Revenge - Haven't seen it but friends are raving that it's a great adult sitcom

5. Once Upon a Time - it hasn't premiered yet, but it looks way better than the other fairy tale show, Grim. I love the cast and premise. Here's the preview:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Review: 'Ringer'

Not gonna lie, part of me wishes it was the movie "The Ringer", but that's mostly because the year that movie came out my family was obsessed with telling each other our name was Jimmy and we could count to potato.
I already am digressing.

My initial reaction to Ringer was that I didn't realize how much I missed Sarah Michelle Gellar. Growing up on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, SMG was like a BFF when I was a teen. I was happy to have her and her wonderful facial expressions back on my TV.

Then, I saw the boat scene.
I feel like they took the effects dude from Sharktopus to make that 'realistic' looking frantic swimming scene. It was awful, jarring, and hilrious all at once,
but then I remembered that we're dealing with CW budgets and this is a pilot so I let it slide.

The story line of Ringer is more compelling than it let on. Originally, it sounded identical to the ABC Family show The Lying Game which also happens to be about twins switching lives. And sure, it's still pretty similar. The thing I didn't expect is how drawn in I was.

I'm a multi-tasker when it comes to TV, but I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen because of the interest I had in the storyline.

It's still way too early to tell, but for a pilot that was supposed to be rather weak, I hope that Ringer continues it's path of a mystery with a compelling plot.

Also, I hope they stop doing that stuff with the mirror. Where each twin looks at the mirror like they are seducing/talking/channeling their twin. It would be ok if it were a second, but the lingering is just a little creepy in a lame way.


Looks like the CW is really luring me in this season - for the first time in history I will be viewing two shows on their line-up. Ringer AND America's Next Top Model All Stars! Am I there? Heck yeah I am.
Is it possibly because I performed in LA in front of Britney and Lisa?
a tad

But mostly because I can't wait to see Tyra act like these girls missed their chance at supermodeldom.
Oh! and the smizing.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What Shows Should I Watch?

If you haven't already seen these series, you should put them on your watch list:

  • Six Feet Under - HBO's drama based in a funeral home sounds like it's depressing, but I find watching an episode of SFU makes me happy to be alive, and to know the Fisher family. While some may also argue that not all 6 seasons are great, I'd say it is a pleasure to watch and see it grow into greatness. This show, like all the shows listed here, is an excellent complete series.
  • Battlestar Galactica - Even if you're not a fan of sci-fi this show's humanistic themes will suck you in. Great storylines and heroes emerge and there a mysteries that are solved to boot. Hear that Lost? It is possible to create sci-fi mystery that gets solved.
  • The Wire - Well, first of all I'm biased because one of my favorite TV shows when I was younger was Homocide: Life on the Street. But this series is more than just a cop show. It's a great look at crime from beginning to end and all the players involved from criminal to corrupt politician. And while the acting is great, it's the storylines that will keep you coming back for more.
  • Friday Night Lights - I will occasionally watch football, and I have no real alliance to Texas or High School for that matter -- but none of that is necessary to enjoy FNL. It's a great family show with morals, that manages to never be saccharine.

Friday, February 4, 2011

'How I Met Your Mother' to Let Another Pop Princess Get Them Ratings

How I Met Your Mother is worrying me lately. I'm starting to think they have some self-esteem issues. They're a great show, well-written, funny, amazing cast -- so can someone tell my why they're doing rating stunts like having yet another Pop Princess guest star? When you're doing well in the ratings -- have fun, not bad actresses. I love how BuddyTV summed it up in their photo gallery:

Perhaps they're doing this because the last two episodes of HIMYM were giant tear-jerkers.

I just find this pattern odd, and a little off-track. After two such serious episodes, they follow with a publicity stunt -- do we think they're building up to something big like revealing who gets married (The season opener showed Marshall and Ted discussing relationships and going into a wedding that neither of them were the groom.) or Lily being pregnant, or perhaps getting to the titular clincher and seeing once and for all how Ted meets someone that would marry him?

I hope so, because if not I feel like we need to send the writer's room some flowers and say - Hey gang you're great! Can we get back to you writing greatness for the main characters again? Thanks! Hugs, Your fans.

...I'll still totally tune in though. My dream is that Robin Sparkles and Katy Perry have a sing-off. (Team Sparkle, obvi)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Some programs are so good, but so bad.
Here's my list of guilty pleasures I'm indulging in lately:

Why it's bad for you - It's on ABC Family, and I'm over the age of 13.

Why it's great to watch - It's Heathers meets Gossip Girl. You can catch up pretty quickly, it's only episode 13 as of this post. Oh, and for some reason, Chad Lowe is on it. Random, yet kind of great.

Biggest Loser

Why it's bad for you: It seems to make most women weep.

Why it's great to watch: It makes you actually want to work out. I can't tell you why I enjoy overweight people sharing their stories and being yelled at by trainers -- but it's become a show I'm excited to see on my DVR list.

I know most people are already all over, or over The Biggest Loser and I'm late to the weight loss party. But, if you've avoided it in the past, give it a shot -- but only if you have a DVR. Good lord, can someone explain to me why every episode has to be 2 hours long!?

Why it's bad for you: It looks super awful. I mean, Matt LeBlanc?

Why it's fun to watch: I wouldn't say it's great to watch, but the supporting cast really makes this show enjoyable. The two main characters created an amazing British sitcom and are rewarded by being brought to LA son they can tear their original show to shreds in the name of 'Americanizing' it.

In short, Tamsin Greig is really the gem of this show. She gets the best lines, and delivers them wonderfully.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Final Countdown

Last night's How I Met Your Mother was a particularly heartbreaking one. It was also very Lost-esq with it's odd countdown that I didn't really notice through my tears.
Thank goodness for other awesome TV bloggers, eh?

Click here for more information on the HIMYM Easter Egg Countdown