Friday, November 20, 2009

Reasons to Watch Modern Family

I'm going to confess that Modern Family is not a regular on my DVR. I do catch the show whenever possible online, and I have fallen for it. I think it's a great show, with some minor flaws.

  1. Ed O'Neil - He's an older, richer, slightly happier about life Al Bundy, but the extra depth his character has makes him loveable.
  2. Manny - This is Ed O'Neils hot wife's son. He's played by Rico Rodriguez. This kid is not only cute, but plays a wise beyond his years consultant to the family. He often steals the scenes he's in and you're happy he does.
  3. Claire and Phil - played by Julie Brown and Ty Burrell they're marriage dynamic takes a back seat to their parenting skills which are honest and exaggerated which makes them very funny.
  4. Mitchell and Cameron - The gay couple which show a lot more diversity in personality than other gay characters you see in primetime.
This show is consistently funny. The only flaw I personally have with it is I'm not really in the mood for a family show a lot and this is the quintessential modern family sitcom.

Reasaons to Watch Community

It's no secret that I was looking forward to NBC's Community. Now that we're well into the season I figured it's time to write my reviews of the shows I was looking forward to here. First up, Community.

  1. Joel McHale - His character is smooth talking but has enough hubris to be enjoyable.
  2. Chevy Chase - A great secondary role, and he can still take a fall and make it hilarious
  3. The rest of the cast - Everyone is awesome and I'd thank the writers. Not like the actors aren't talented, but the characters are well defined via dialogue, actions and story archs.
  4. It's hilarious - I laugh out loud at least three times every episode. That's a very good average.
If you're already into Community and want to love it some more I've heard great things about the extras on I'd also recommend following the show's creator, Dan Harmon on Twitter. He's very funny and sometimes discusses the making of the show and gives episode teasers.