Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Bad, But So Good: 'Celebrity Rehab'

Dr. Drew has an entirely new crew of drug addicts on VH1, and if you can pull yourself away from Teen Mom or The Real Housewives, I highly recommend getting addicted to this season's group of washed up stars.

First of all, Leif Garrett is still alive! Who knew? He's trying to get off heroine and looking like an extra for The Walking Dead. But he's one of the more quiet contestants on this sobriety game show. The loud mouth, as always is Janice Dickinson. Kudos to her for getting better, especially after that Finland incident...

The true star though, has to be Jason London... or is it Jeremy? Darn twins...
It's the one who said he was kidnapped and forced to do drugs.
Um, hello, Six Feet Under did it years ago!

If nothing else, tune in for his tale of that wild ride. It's really amusing to watch 'actors' try and believe his crazy tales.

(OK, I really only like adding that because it makes me think of Unsolved Mysteries.)
The most recent episode where they're all really into withdrawal stages was when it stopped being fake, and started to get real. (Why, yes... I am too lazy to look it up that exact episode right now and decided to go with the cheap video clip joke.)
Best of luck to all of them on their road to sobriety.