Monday, January 9, 2012

TV Recap: Mob Wives

It's Renee's birthday party/thank-god-that-plastic-surgery-didn't-kill-me-party.
She invited Sammy the Bulls Daughter Karen, and self-proclaimed face bashing expert Dritta.
Big Ang, a woman we assume is called that because of her freakish lips, tries to mediate a peace between Karen and Dritta.
This results in a giant brawl. Everyone is involved, including Renee's probi ex-hubby, even though Renee tries to be taken home several times by him.
Dritta thinks she's been set up, Karen explains that she needs to take bitches down whenever necessary.
Renee's ex doesn't fight, but does hit a car.
In the end everyone leaves, and Renee's husband says he doesn't want to lose her and she cries because she's finally "loved."