Thursday, June 26, 2008

TV Pop Quiz Question #1

Where did Saved by the Bell take place?

Put your answer in the comments, and check back tomorrow for the answer.

I leave you now, with not a hint, but a great theme song clip:


Anonymous said...

B-b-b- Go Bayside!

Kevin Tor said...

First off, any blog with Saved By The Bell is going on my blog roll. Second, Saved By The Bell took place in California which I don't know if they ever explicitly say (maybe when they were seniors with college worries). They go to the beach from the Max and they go to college in state for the College Years. What was always weird to me was how they ended up in California from the Miss Bliss years which I think was in the midwest somewhere. For Zack, Screech, and Lisa to move together, as well as Belding (which has to rank him above Mr. Feeny in dedication to set a kids' educations), is crazy. Regardless, awesome blog. Good to know there are others who watch retarded amounts of TV like myself.