Friday, November 20, 2009

Reasons to Watch Modern Family

I'm going to confess that Modern Family is not a regular on my DVR. I do catch the show whenever possible online, and I have fallen for it. I think it's a great show, with some minor flaws.

  1. Ed O'Neil - He's an older, richer, slightly happier about life Al Bundy, but the extra depth his character has makes him loveable.
  2. Manny - This is Ed O'Neils hot wife's son. He's played by Rico Rodriguez. This kid is not only cute, but plays a wise beyond his years consultant to the family. He often steals the scenes he's in and you're happy he does.
  3. Claire and Phil - played by Julie Brown and Ty Burrell they're marriage dynamic takes a back seat to their parenting skills which are honest and exaggerated which makes them very funny.
  4. Mitchell and Cameron - The gay couple which show a lot more diversity in personality than other gay characters you see in primetime.
This show is consistently funny. The only flaw I personally have with it is I'm not really in the mood for a family show a lot and this is the quintessential modern family sitcom.

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