Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Podcast Episode 7: TV talk with Ben Tahija from Murder We Spoke and Pretty Little Podcasters

In this pre-recorded episode, podcast pals Ben Tahija and Sue Funke discuss the best TV episode, the best TV season, the best TV show you've never seen, and the state of TV overall. If you're not familiar with Ben's podcast work, get your download on! His podcast Murder We Spoke covers Murder She Wrote from a millennial perspective which is a refreshing and loving homage to Jessica Fletcher that all mystery and humor fans will enjoy.

You can chat with Ben on twitter as @MurderWeSpoke or on @PrettyLittlePod  You can reach out to the podcast with questions, suggestions or corrections @iluvtvmorethanu or follow Sue on all social media platforms as thesuefunke.

Please subscribe and share this podcast with your friends, because the news is horrific, TV is a wonderful escape and listening to people chat about TV is as close to zen as free podcasts can buy.

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