Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh America, You Watch Such Crap

Really? You watched Kim Kardashin's ass rather than Heroes last night.

Heroes was so freakin' good it would've melted your face off, is that why? You can't handle outstanding original story lines and really great acting.
I'm sorry but last night's return of Heroes was fun. It was two hours of television worth watching.
I'm at least happy to see that after a long summer hiatus from great network drama Heroes returned with an actual plot and characters I look forward to watching.

Also, this was the season to start watching as it's really heating up. The idea that it's called Villains was less appealing than watching people try to ballroom dance? Oh America, you used to enjoy action.

I sigh heavily and hope that NBC keeps this amazing season going cause for the love of God it was a good return.

Also, can someone please tell the Cheerleader that if you can be upset about not feeling pain, you're still human because you have emotion. That really bugged me last night. Everything else those, stellar.

Get into it people:

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