Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stephen Schnetzern Resurfaces My Love of "Another World"

Are you even old enough to remember Another World?
It was an NBC soap opera that ran from 1965 - 1999. (Not to be confused with The Cosby Show spin off, A Different World.)
It was also always the lesser soap opera in my mind, for it paled in comparison to it's back-to-back buddy Days of Our Lives (I mean Marlena was a freakin' demon people.)

Another World had one good thing about it, Cass. He was the male voice of reason on the show. This is part of the reason my mother and I loved him so, but the root of our love for him was his voice.

Cass was played by Stephen Schnetzern, and though you might not have seen for nearly a decade, you've heard his voice. He does car commercials, drug commercials...I hear his voice quite often. I'm always pretty sure, but never a hundred percent.

But tonight, I was validated. While watching SVU (seriously, it's almost always on.) all of the sudden dear ole Cass/ Stephen Schnetzern walks on plugging Aleve.

Good for you Stephen Schnetzern for still getting work. It's very good to hear :)

Fun Facts I learned while researching this article:
-Stephen Schnetzern is a Gemini with Capricorn rising, same as Paul Newman (interested?)
-Some ladies on the forums at SoapNet think he's "gotten even sexier.. if that's possible!"
-I have way too much free time on my hands

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