Monday, January 4, 2010

Tabitha Salon Takeover Tuesdays

I cannot wait for Tuesday night TV.

This is not a common feeling, and TV watchers know that. We will rarely get great programming on Tuesday. If there's anything at all, it's usually later on at night and dramatic (I'm thinking Rescue Me)

But lately, I find myself on Mondays jonesen for Tuesdays with Tabitha...

Even though Tabitha Salon Takeover is basically Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares re-purposed for beauty salon's, it's probably the best makeover show on television.
It has everything you want from a reality show:

  • Rags to Riches: They give salons that are in total debt money to restart their business
  • Ugly to Pretty: The salons are always, disgusting. Each episode without fail Tabitha will say in her charming accent that the salon she's in is, "Covered with dirt!"
  • Person with Accent Putting Down an American: We really love that. Pretty much every competition show has a judge with a charming, foreign accent.
What really makes this show fantastic though, is Tabitha. She's a lovable bitch, because she's always right - and she's fierce. I know it's so Project Runway to go there, but she is - I mean look at this:

I wish someone followed me around work shooting footage of what I do and then editing it to show that I'm just always right, always. Maybe, if I just learn an accent...hello? Fox? I've got an idea for a reality show...

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