Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guilty Pleasures

Some programs are so good, but so bad.
Here's my list of guilty pleasures I'm indulging in lately:

Why it's bad for you - It's on ABC Family, and I'm over the age of 13.

Why it's great to watch - It's Heathers meets Gossip Girl. You can catch up pretty quickly, it's only episode 13 as of this post. Oh, and for some reason, Chad Lowe is on it. Random, yet kind of great.

Biggest Loser

Why it's bad for you: It seems to make most women weep.

Why it's great to watch: It makes you actually want to work out. I can't tell you why I enjoy overweight people sharing their stories and being yelled at by trainers -- but it's become a show I'm excited to see on my DVR list.

I know most people are already all over, or over The Biggest Loser and I'm late to the weight loss party. But, if you've avoided it in the past, give it a shot -- but only if you have a DVR. Good lord, can someone explain to me why every episode has to be 2 hours long!?

Why it's bad for you: It looks super awful. I mean, Matt LeBlanc?

Why it's fun to watch: I wouldn't say it's great to watch, but the supporting cast really makes this show enjoyable. The two main characters created an amazing British sitcom and are rewarded by being brought to LA son they can tear their original show to shreds in the name of 'Americanizing' it.

In short, Tamsin Greig is really the gem of this show. She gets the best lines, and delivers them wonderfully.

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