Friday, October 7, 2011

I Totally Stopped Watching 'The Ringer'

I know I said it wasn't that bad, but here's the thing - it wasn't good enough for me to remember what day it was on. The fact that I remembered that The Rachel Zoe Project is on Tuesdays but couldn't bother to recall that about The Ringer is a telling, albeit embarrassing, truth.
I am watching some great new scripted shows and hoping with my recent job-loss to get into some new ones that are getting great reviews. Here's my new-fall must-see list

1. Suburgatory - Totally off my radar, but really like it. Great casting, decent writing.

2. Up All Night - I know some have given up hope, but I am still trying

3. New Girl - It's a fun show, and I would also like a theme song at any given moment so it's relate-able.

4. Revenge - Haven't seen it but friends are raving that it's a great adult sitcom

5. Once Upon a Time - it hasn't premiered yet, but it looks way better than the other fairy tale show, Grim. I love the cast and premise. Here's the preview:

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