Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Am I Watching These Shows?

There are certain commercials that will come on every now and then for TV shows that you can't help but wonder, "WHO is watching that?"
Here's a short list:
NCIS LA - LL Cool J "acting"
Shark Tank -has nothing to do with sharks.
Desperate Housewives
Grey's Anatomy

There's no dash next to those last two because... I'm the one watching them.
I know, I know - look away from me! My poor-taste is too awful to watch!!

These shows are more played out than my Billy Joel greatest hits tapes (Don't look at me like that, I'm from Long Island), and yet I tune in week after week.

I'd love to say that I'm still riveted, or it's the investment in the characters --and even though those things do factor in -- it's more a matter of a need for answers.

For example...

Grey's Anatomy
Will they ever just kill Meredith?
How do male actors read this script and not say something about how completely unnatural it is?
What stupid medical procedure will they do for ratings/to remind us they still work in a hospital?

Desperate Housewives
Does it end up that it turns out to actually be the town I grew up in?
Will they ever learn to stop keeping secrets and just tell the police?

and with both of these shows...

How much longer must I wait for a man to take off his shirt and show off his killer abs?!

I could call these shows a guilty pleasure, but the ridiculous decline of both of these series seems to merit something worse. Perhaps we should just start calling the love of such shameful, poor-quality TV Jersey Shore Pleasures. Although in some ways, the writing for that is even better.

I'm excited to see how they conclude Desperate Housewives, although the road we're going down right now doesn't seem all that sunny. The current story-line is reminiscent to season one's suicide. Oh, those zany housewives!

And as for Grey's...I think I'm simply looking forward to how much more ridiculous it can get.
If you're looking for a sappy movie that is so bad it's hilarious, just try an episode out. I'm telling you, there are some quality, unwittingly funny moments in this show that are worth the watch...
if you're really bored.

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