Monday, November 7, 2011

Let's Talk Dexter

I'm about to discuss season 6 of Dexter. If you haven't caught up, stop now, and go catch up. I can wait.

A Reaction from Season 6, Episode 6: Just Let Go

This season of Dexter is definitely very different than others. Instead of having his own "dark passenger" persona and a pal that is a personification of the dark passenger (his brother, Lila, Miguel, Trinity, Lumen) this season Dexter's friend is on the "light" side as a man of God. Brother Sam was introduced as a possible killer in the beginning of the season, but when he's cleared of wrong doings Dexter finds him useful in explaining faith, something Dexter never had. His religion was basically "righting wrongs" by killing.

This week's episode was exquisite writing with the choice of turning Dexter away from the light. When Sam sends Dexter to forgive his killer, Dexter seems rather genuine. He didn't bring his tools, he took him to the beach to remind him of brother Sam's teachings. But, when the killer won't repent, Dexter let's his dark passenger take over. This is a pivotal moment of rejecting the light is a huge turning point for this season. Not only did Dexter reject the light, but by doing so he's embodied even more of his own darkness. This is illustrated by the person that watches over Dexter from the beyond as he kills his victim. It is no longer his father, Harry, but rather his brother.

The new darkness that will encapsulate Dexter looks extremely manic. Perhaps the methodical, careful Dexter is now gone.

What an amazing choice by the writers and absolutely worth the build up. I know many have disliked the tone of this season, but I believe this about-face proves that these writers know exactly what they're doing, and I am buckling up and eagerly anticipating the rest of this ride.

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