Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Funke - Your Weekly TV Recap 2/17/12

Oh man, this week had redemption and some serious sitcom turmoil. Let's take a look at the playback, shall we?

Best of the Week
1. Joan Rivers on WWHL - Watch What Happens Live is Andy Cohen's talk show where usually the guests are forced to talk about all things Bravo. (BTW, Andy, call me. I'd TOTALLY be there.) This week he had Joan Rivers on and she was fantastic. Her honesty, and quick wit showed through. It was really awesome to see a female comic crack everyone up and reveal so much about the industry.

2. 30 Rock - Fantastic. I know I bashed last week's episode, but in comparison this week was possibly one of their best in a while. It was everything that made 30 Rock great. It had New York City references, a Batman reference, even the Jenna story was great. Also, I don't know why Mr. Met showed up, but as a Mets fan it totally made my night.

3. Smash -Oh wow, how original, another critic loves Smash. Honestly, I wanted to hate this show. I wanted to find the American Idol reject who sang 'Beautiful' in the constantly aired commercial and punch her in the face. That's how much I didn't want to like this show. The thing is, it's a pretty great show. Debra Messing is just as great as she was on Will & Grace, she even has a gay side-kick. I hope it's able to keep up the spot-on theatrical work, because if so, NBC finally might have some must-see TV again.

4. Revenge - I won't spoil it for you, but I just have to say this evening soap is doing a magnificent job with the twists and turns. It is keeping me hanging on, and counting the days till the next episode (Not for another 2 weeks!)

5. Parks & Recreation - They brought back Louis CK and he perfectly off of Adam Scott. As always though, Ron Swanson steals the show. The jazz subplot, just fantastic. Let's celebrate with some Ron Swanson meme:

Now, onto the best thing that ever happened to Reality TV

Big Ang.
Good lord, this woman is flippin' fantastic and crazy. Much like the rest of the Mob Wives, really. As Drita put it "Ya gotta love Big Ang, I mean, that voice!"

Biggest Upset of the Week - How I Met Your Mother.
WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT WRITERS ROOM??? Did everyone just get really tired and say, ya know what? Let's just pull a story line that we've done like 10 times now, because everyone will really dig that.
Come on! I feel like even the actors had to question that script. There better be a fantastic twist to follow, because that ending made me reconsider watching new episodes moving forward. Such a bummer.


Ted told Robin that
- wait for it-
he loves her.
In the most recent episode. Just like he has almost every season. Kids, you are never finding out who your real mom is.

Downton Abbey Progress Report - I am on catch-up with this fantastic show. Unfortunately, I made it my gym show, so I've only seen 3 hours of it. I really need to step up my game and get on an elliptical because I really feel like I'm missing out. What I will say is, what I've seen so far, I LOVE.

Fun Family Shows:
Shows that are actually still appropriate to watch with your kids:
Once Upon a Time
The Middle

Favorite TV Trivia of the Week:
The license plate on Cam and Mitchell's car on 'Modern Family' is the same as Larry David's on 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' : 2GAT123

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