Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Funke: Weekly TV Recap 2/24/12

Hey pals! It's a little late because I had a ton of TV to catch up to today, but here's this week's TV recaps and stories.

1. The Good Wife - My only complaint about this show is completely CBS's fault. Why the heck did you put your best drama on Sunday nights during sports seasons? I hate having to DVR both The Good Wife and CSI: Miami, mostly because I'm embarrassed to have CSI: Miami on my DVR. With that said, this show is so strong with story line and characters. I was impressed by the famous Christian hand-job giver from True Blood, Anna Camp, this week. Her characters two-timing teases have me excited to see where they'll bring it too. I love the Alan Cummings story as well, mostly because if you were going to have two women vie for the attentions of Eli Gold, Parker Posey and Amy Sedaris are the only plausible actresses to pull that off.

2.Raising Hope - It's dangerous territory to put together two characters that have had chemistry. They did a good job with the first week of Jimmy and Sabrina's relationship and I hope they keep it up. The one thing that threw me off, why was Maw Maw so present this week as compared to her typical far-from-lucid demeanor?

3. Cougar Town - I caught up on the return and this week's at once. The start of the season was really strong. I want a wine necklace. I think the humor is definitely there, but I'm surprised how much more I like Happy Endings. They're very similar except Happy Endings doesn't have as much wine, which isn't necessarily a good thing.

4. Happy Endings - I love that there were Clueless references, butterfly effect jokes, and the fact that Max was literally a bear the entire episode. The best part though, "kewl!" I love the lexicon that this show brings back, or makes up. It's totes ahmazing.

5. Suburgatory - It was a really funny take on suburban trends this week, and a great Dahlia face-off to boot. I think this show is doing great for a first season, but this episode really nailed suburbia to me.

Changing channels...

1. Glee - This week was every school assembly + after school special combined with some less-than-exciting musical numbers. There were way too many themes jammed in, and by the time they got to the last one, not only did everyone see it coming, we were wincing because no one wanted it. I think that Ryan Murphy loves it when we talk about his shows. I think he's doing a great job at that, I just wish he was focused more on having us talk about the fantastic writing and flawless musical numbers instead of how ridiculous it is. I guess that's why we have Smash now.

2. How I Met Your Mother - So, this week we followed up the billionth "I love you, Robin" the same way pretty much all of them have. Nope, Ted and Robin shouldn't be together... but maybe Robin and Barney? I'm giving them one more episode and then I'm pulling the plug and watching repeats of RuPaul's Drag Race instead.

TV Trivia:
Real life couples on prime time that gross me out:

Penny & Leonard dated on and off on The Big Bang Theory, and Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco dated off-screen during the first season.
That has to be awkward to make out with your ex...

Almost as awkward as making out with your on screen brother, which is exactly what Lauren Graham and Peter Krause are doing. That's right brother and sister Braverman are together off-screen. First season several critics complained that the sexual tension between the two off-screen made for awkward on-screen scenes. Check out when Sarah and Adam worked together at the sneaker factory to see if you can see the sibling sparks. (grossssss)

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