Sunday, September 7, 2014

Amazon Pilot Season: The Cure for the Fall Jitters

What are the Fall Jitters you ask?

It's the shakes tv-aholics like myself get in late August/early September. The need for our favorite shows to come back and to finally see all the new fall shows we've been teased about for the past month.

I am in desperate need for new TV seasons. A girl can only watch Happy Endings  and Pretty Little Liars so many times before feeling an overwhelming need for new material.

Thankfully, Amazon's latest experiment gave me something new to watch with the power to vote on it, to boot.

At I saw some decent new shows with some of my favorite actors. They brought back Sarah Chalke, Paul Reiser, and Chloe Sevigny to some interesting and different shows. While I'm not a fan of all that I saw, everything I watched was a decent pilot.

I really enjoyed Really because of the cast, the writing and the ending that definitely has me wondering what is going to happen next?

Red Oaks brought back Paul Reiser, and made him out to be a cocky-villain that I just really want to see more of.

The disappointment was The Cosmopolitans. I wanted to love this show so much because of the cast, and it's set in Paris. Unfortunately, it's more short film than compelling series material. With that said though, I'd give another episode a shot.

The best thing about all of these shows though, it helped soothe my need for new TV.. for an hour or so.

I want my fall TV....
(Stay tuned for some fall TV picks)

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