Wednesday, October 1, 2008

30 Rock Fans - Premier is THIS THURSDAY

on Hulu.
Check it, to create buzz on this Emmy Award winning show, NBC is allowing the premier of the 3rd Season of 30 Rock to hit hulu first.

So, on Thursday, October 2nd check here for the newest episode!

This is pretty great stuff. They also premiered Knight Rider...and that shitty show Life on Hulu. Snooze.

The early premier is not uncommon this season. I watched Californication on Showtime On Demand before it's Sunday premier. It was decent. I'm into the new direction the show is taking now that he's got his love back. I definitely recommend giving it a shot.
But, if there's any show to get into this season on Showtime, it's Dexter. Good lord, worth the hype! Great new season, great new direction. I'm actually excited to see Jimmy Smits join the cast with a great character and surprising accent.
Check out the website, now with creepy overlay.

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