Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grey's Anatomy Jumps Shark, Then Stomps It to Death

Let's see, when did the shark jumping exactly happen?

Was it when they had a prom in the hospital?
When Izzy resurrected the deer?
Was it when Christina fell after finally telling of Meredith and then an Icicle falls and stabs her?
Ding ding ding!

Seriously, what the fuck are these writers smoking. The great characters season 1 and 2 built have been killed by ridiculousness on Grey's Anatomy.

I'll tell you exactly when they shot themselves in the foot -
Meredith was almost dead, and then they let her live.
By far one of the most annoying characters in history, a flaw to the show she shares a titular name with, Meredith Grey adds nothing to Grey's Anatomy.
We could've had a great show without the whining, bitching, and indecisive moaning over her beautiful man and parental issues.

And then - you think, well maybe they realized all this when Christina tells her off (Episode 1 this season on ABC) and then they punish Christina's character with a falling icicle. Really? Really.

What happened writers? Did the strike make you insane. Why must the hospital face "black ice" and "floods" every week now?
Stop the tricks, tell the story about doctors and patients and relationships.
That's what people liked about the show. All this madness of elements is just a side story that is wasting time.
I am considering giving up that hour long silliness and find something else.

I hear the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency has real drama.

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