Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My Review of Heroes, as Texted to Arthur Carlson

(SPOILER ALERT! This will reveal what happens in episode 3 of Heroes Season 3)

Sent at 12:02AM, Wednesday, October 1st

Watched heroes, my take: Hiro's plot is the cartoonish japanimation plot - the Dragon Ball to the darker plot line's Dragon Ball Z - if I may totally dork out.

Now, this new Sylar with the Petrelli Mom, is a little bit of a fun reversal of the "Luke I am Your Father", but I dig it.

Overall, I feel this season is all a comic book live action tv show which i love, but fear that at times it toes the line of adam west circa 68 batman that i love for its campiness but would hate to see heroes go that way because it has such potential.

Speaking of potential - why is it that tracy just abandons myka?

He has the power to talk to machines, not raise himself.

Thing I think probably bugged you the most:
a. The Peter on Peter action
b. The Dragon Ball plot
c. The Sylar Petrelli storyline
My guess is b.

....My apologies to Arthur's fiance, Andrea who most likely woke up to the sound of ten text messages coming in at such an hour.

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Andrea said...

I did not hear the texting. :) I do find it funny, though, how we know future Peter by his menacing scowl.