Friday, February 20, 2009

Howie- Don't Do It

Today a co-worker of mine brought up the show Howie Do It
and asked me, "So, do you know about that show?"

"No," I replied.

"Oh, ho ho really miss-I-love-tv-more-than-you? YOU don't know about a television show?"

"No, I only watch good tv."

I blocked this show from my brain after seeing the commercial. My question is, who was really longing for Punk'd and Candid Camera and decided, ya know who I can't get enough of? Howie Mandel.

It's not enough to watch him host the most pointless game show on television.
-Deal or No Deal
is the equivalent of "How many fingers do I have behind my back?" except there's money. It's an hour long, and then a person that's not you gets money. I've literally optioned to watch paint dry instead.

Honestly, NBC, we have enough to fear on our minds right now, we don't need this...

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