Sunday, February 15, 2009

Reality TV Report February 2009

There are a ton of new reality shows out there and some old ones that are interesting this year. Here's what's worth watching on the Sue Funke scale:

You HAVE to see this:

RuPaul's Drag Race -
Do I really have to explain it after that tittle? Honey! It's hilarious tranny messes and successes at their bestests. Check out FREE Episodes by clicking here.

You Should Miss this:

Real Housewives of Orange County -
Midlife rich bitches being catty. Here's your cliff's notes version:
Gretchen's fiance is wicked old, and dying. It's tough for her, and she claims not to get out of the hospital much but is never shown there except for some interviews taken in front of a sign that says HOSPITAL.

a bitch. She also has a bizarre relationship with her son who obviously wants to bang a woman just like her. Oh, but feel bad for her because her parents got divorced when she was like 18.

I'm pretty sure if you put your ear to Lynne's you could hear the ocean. She's desperate to be the cool Mom, so her daughters are spoiled annoying brats. She seems to still be in love with her husband and vice versa, which is kinda sweet.

and Vicky? A little more crazy than previous seasons. It's a little disturbing how depressed Jeana is and Vicky's power hungriness has left her with no appetite at all for her poor good natured husband.

And Lauri left because even though she's got the story book life, her son's in prison and she wants to take care of her family. Wise choice Lauri. The ship is sinking. You got out!
Now, please add the f*ckin' E to your name.

If you haven't seen it by now...
You HAVE to see this season's Top Chef.

The characters that are cooking this season are THE best.
If you see one episode only make it Season 5's Kitchen Wars.
This regularly fan favorite episode of every season, pits two teams of 3 against each other to open a restaurant within a very limited amount of time.

Click here for the recap, and do yourself a favor and check out the next airing of this dramatic and fun episode.

Fun to watch if you're a chick

Jon and Kate Plus 8. The kids are adorable and the marriage squabbles funny, because it's not me.
If you ever felt your life was disorganized, Kate will make you feel worse.
Jon's reactions to Kate's understandable madness are also hilarious.

I don't understand the appeal, Ladies...
Of The Bachelor. I watch it and fear for that poor man's life. They all seem like crazy stalkers.
My pal Andrea blogs about it though and her humorous take aways almost make it seem worth while... I'd rather read her take though.
Click here to read Andrea's blog on the most awkward episode of the Bachelor.
Yipes. Mighty Awkward!

And, show of hands, who is still watching...

American Idol? It was on at a bar I was at (it was a very slow night) and I saw the judges sitting on thron-like chairs in a house setting. It was rather creepy. It looked like there was a rape room somewhere behind a wall facade.
That was probably the most exciting thing about Idol I have seen.

Girls Next Door? It's lost it's charm. We know the axe has fallen and they're going seperate ways, who cares if they go to New Orleans and realize Katrina still hasn't been cleaned up?

Let us know what you think, and if there are Reality TV shows out there I'm missing.
I'm guessing no.

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steven_simply said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for the sweet mention of RuPaul's Drag Race on your blog!

Thought you might be interested in this Behind The Scenes footage from episode 2 - there's a great unseen clip of Michelle Williams getting in to a fight with one of the contestants! Enjoy!

Under The Hood Of RuPaul's Drag Race

Steven Corfe
Producer; RuPaul's Drag Race