Monday, February 16, 2009

New in Comedic Variety

There were three premiers this past week of new comedy/variety shows. I watched them all for you and have graded them on the class A-F scale.

The CollegeHumor Show - B+

Brought to you by the gang from the website CollegeHumor, this is a show loosely based on working at an Internet company with random sketches inserted in. As someone who works for a website, I enjoy the premise. A lot of the jokes made me sad though, mostly because I realized I am no longer in the "college humor" demographic. I'm 5 years out of college and I find a lot of these jokes out of my scope, but that doesn't mean it's not funny. It's a clever show that's definitely watchable, but if you're not someone who normallly watches MTV, don't bother switching over to this, you most likely won't be getting gauffaws.
If your channel surfing on a Sunday, check it out. It is definitely entertaining.
If you are in that demo - party on! (Do kids even say that anymore?)

Important Things with Demetri Martin - C+

I was skeptical of this show after watching Comedy Central's 2 minute preview last week. It didn't seem high energy and seemed to lack gut busting humor. I think this may be because I'm not a huge Demetri fan.

I tried to put all this bias aside and watch the entire premier with an open heart. I have to say, I feel as though he's an undeniabley talented fellow, but not really exciting to watch. The sketches he's in lack emotion, which was illustrated well in his sketch with Amanda Peet. I found the funniest sketch was one he wasn't even in which was a Diamonds are Forever parody commercial. Even this though, has been done.

This show was billed as the next Chapelle Show, and I have to say if that's what you're going for - it's a swing and a miss. If you're going for a sketch show, my suggestion is to downplay Demetri and add some high energy bit characters.

If you're a fan of the comic, you probably also enjoy other things I don't, such as Emo music and skinny boys with hair in their eyes. If that describes you, raise the grade to B+ and check this show out.

Delocated -A

Never heard of this show? Not a surprise. I beleive Demetri Martin bought all available ad space that this show could've been plugged in.

Delocated is brought to you by the very talented Jon Glazer, and the only downside is, it's only 15 minutes long. The premise is a family that is relocated via the witness protection program and willing to do a reality TV show. The catch is they had to have their vocal cords permenantly changed to disguise their voices and wear ski masks the entire time.

It's silly, but it's also laugh out loud funny. I think the best part so far would be Eugene Mirman's character as the Russian mobster that is after the Delocated character.

I found this show via word of mouth and am happy to spread it.
If you're a fan of Adult Swim definitely give this live action show a try.
If not, set your DVR's for this show, and tell your friends to check it out, too!

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