Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm Way Into Spoofisodes

Psych on USA Networks 10pm on Fridays - Epsiode: Murder? …Anyone? …Anyone? …Bueller? Gus Does Not Spoof of- John Huges films/ Brat Pack

Why I Love It - Great homage to John Huges films. I recommend it for anyone who loves/loved/watched a lot of John Huges films, or ever had a crush on anyone in the Brat Pack

The episode was set at a High School Reunion, which is often a great set up for humor. The detective buddy show took the "murder at the high school" case and threw in fun John Hughes nods, and flat out obvious call-outs that led to great references:

  • Sean refers to suspects/ high school sweet hearts as Molly Ringwald, and Andrew McCarthy from Fresh Horses (Not a Hughes film, but a Brat Pack one)
  • Sean's "picture tag" is of Judd Nelson
  • Sean does a Breakfast Club style dance to solve crime
  • Sean introduces himself as Abe Froman and then asks "Andrew McCarthy" if he's taped Larry Lester's butt cheeks together.
  • In the car with his father, Sean mentions The Breakfast Club, Curly Sue, and Flubber, as all having a "Ducky" Character - then asks his dad for his underwear for a few hours.
Basically, the Sean character is desperately making this episode a Hughes/Brat Pack spoofisode.

The most hilarious part to me, the accident that leads up to the murder -
eerily similar to the Matthew Broderick accident that is rarely mentioned.

I was dorkily delighted the entire episode, but totally jumped off my couch with glee with the last scene of the the whole episode, it's so worth it:

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