Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Effective Promotional Advertising of a TV Show

In Plain Site, a new show on USA Network finally caught my eye tonight as I was watching- big shock here, Law & Order SVU.

I've seen ads for the show before, it didn't really catch me as a show I'd want to watch.
Similar to ads for Burn Notice, there was an all-too-perfect Hollywoodesq lighting/dialogged/ "action-packedness" of it
-that was heightened by the fact that the star is not only always smokin', f'in, hot under pressure,
but she also has the same name on-screen and off.

Now, I love Tony Danza - Who's the Boss was a really great show. Taxi, far better.
(Daytime talk show? What daytime talk show?)
But it has long been told that his characters on those shows being named "Tony" was no coincidence.
See, Tony Danza was a boxer before a comedy star. It's been said that he had to have the same name as his character because he was hit in the head a few too many times and can only answer to that.
Now, that might be true, might be false.
But, you gotta admit, you could believe it.

Anyway, the main character on In Plain Sight is named Mary Shannon,
which is played by Mary McCormack
...I'm just sayin', perhaps she's not the brightest contender in the mental olympics.

Well, anyway in the most recent episode trailer she's no longer shiny sex machine safety monitor, she gets roughed up.
I'm not saying I want to see her get hit - but I am saying that she's finally not perfect looking, I'm talkin' walked off a billboard and ran after bad guys still looking that pristine, perfect looking.

And now, it actually seems like her character might have depth.
She's possibly a stronger character that's going to have to overcome adversity by using her mind.
And television that has that kind of character on it, I'd check out.

So, yes USA, you've reeled me into yet another one of your shows.
Let's see if you can deliver.

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