Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isaac Hayes Sheds His Meat Body

The death of Isaac Hayes is of course tragic, sad, and a little creepy cause one of his last appearances was in a movie called Soul Men which also starred Bernie Mac and Samuel L. Jackson (watch your back SLJ!!).

The world will of course miss Isaac Hayes, for he was a sexy mother
- shut my mouth?
I'm just talking about Chef.
You dig it.

That's right pals, as you know the Chef character of South Park was voiced by Isaac Hayes until a creative/religous difference came between South Park creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker and the soul musician.

It was all over one of my favorite episode of South Park entitled "Trapped in the Closet" that explained actual Scientology beliefs, and of course, mocked them. Isaac Hayes believed in Scientology and was extremely offended and left the show, resulting in the episode "Return of Chef" where they wrote the character off in a bitter sweet/hilarious way. (The links in this paragraph link to South Park Studios where you can see every single episode of South Park for FREE)

Since Isaac Hayes was a Scientologist though, where does this leave him now that he's dead? Well, according to Slate he's shed his "meat body" and his spirit will inhabit another one, or just move on to an even higher state.

So, we here at I Love TV More Than You wish Isaac Hayes' spirit a safe journey to his new vessel, or beyond. Bon Voyage Soul Man!

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badslava said...

I think it is worth mentioning that Isaac Hayes didn't have a problem mocking other religions on South Park (Christianity, Judaism and Islam were all made fun of.) But once South Park mocked his own religion he decided to pack his bags.