Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mad Men Season 2 Episode 2 Delivers

psst...Mad Men Fans,

What did you think of episode two of the second season?


I'm waaaay more psyched about this episode than the premier.
From beginning to end all characters came out of hiding.

Don was stern, Roger Sterling was back to his sardonic reactions.
Penny's baby storyline was delved into, and Pete Campbell classically bottled (or should I say canned?) up the emotion about his father's death, and the way the new dude loops Pete in when Dan isn't there to be his father figure is just ruthless business that advertising knows best.

Well, I'm not going to recap the entire show. I just wanted to share the enthusiasm for the second season. I'm psyched for Sundays again.

(If you can't wait, check it out on SurfTheChannel)

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