Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hulu's Not the Only Game in Town

Remember the days when all video was just on YouTube?

Then Hulu came around and got all these high quality videos from the studios and we were all so excited to have such access?

Well, there's more free goodness on the web lately.

FanCast, as my twitter followers have seen, is a new favorite of mine (speaking of new favorites, I LOVE How I Met Your Mother).

But the big news is that Sony's in the game with Crackle. Targeting men (isn't everyone though?) they have movies and tv shows. Get excited to watch all the Charlie's Angels you want this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps I haven't given FanCast a fair shake yet, but so far the only video I have tried to watch there was streamed from Hulu in absolutely horrible quality... why bother with a middle man?