Thursday, April 30, 2009

When's the Next South Park?

It's season 13 of South Park.
Isn't that nuts? Remember when they mocked the Simpson's for going on too long?

Well, I wouldn't say it's time to give up, in fact I'm asking - Where's the rest of the season?

We've only had 7 episodes, some of which were freakin' great...
I mean - will anyone ask you if you like fish sticks, without you responding with giggles, ever again?

So, where's the rest of the season?

Apparently, the Pirate episode (Fat Beard) was the "Mid-Season Finale" and the writers are all going on retreat to take a creative break.

Well, I guess that's ok.
But don't take too long.

I mean, we need your help with this swine flu! Jokes are awful and people are going nuts. I'm pretty sure Kenny, Kyle and Stan can figure it out...while Cartman profit's from it somehow.

Did you hear that South Park writers?
Make it so.

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