Monday, April 27, 2009

Jeff Goldblum is the Perfect Fit for Criminal Intent


Law & Order : Criminal Intent finally lived up to the very long hype.

On Sunday, April 26th the first Jeff Goldblum episode premiered making this season finally worth waiting for.

The episode entitled, “Rock Star” kicked off with a beautiful parade of hilarious Williamsburg stereotypes -they completely left out the Puerto Ricans though, have they become so extinct in this neighborhood that not even writers, that possibly live there, know they used to walk amongst the locals? The set up for the divide between hipsters, Orthodox and Bushwick natives was pretty priceless and dead on. It made me wonder if we can hope for an episode later this season where the Stuyvesant town Vets take on the Yuppie Off-Spring families.

The character Goldblum plays, Detective Nichols, was taken directly from a Law and Order generator:

-He’s a maverick genius

-He’s got a mysterious past

-He’s quirky

But the catch with Goldblum is that he has this Autastic* magnificence about him. He repeats things and says them with certain rhythms – and in one of the most campy L&O moments ever – he shows off his musical skills by sitting down and tickling the ivories with a pretty little ditty.

While Goldblum’s Nichols is charming to watch, and the writing and storyline far surpassed the season premiere, I couldn’t help but wish there was a scene that brought D’Onofrio’s Goren to match Nichols. I feel if these two were on the case it would be a magical symphony of sleuthing. I will stayed tuned in with eager anticipation.

*Autastic - hybrid of the words Austistic and fantastic

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