Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOST Catch Up Anyone Falling For This?

I came home early enough to catch Jeopardy today, which is always the sign of a nice night in.

And then realized that it's also Wednesday, so I can watch LOST
live tonight instead of tomorrow morning. (God bless ye, DVR)

But, I check the line up and sure enough there's a freakin' catch-up show.

Come on! Let's be honest ABC, you should know by now that there's no one jumping aboard at this point of the journey.

It's not that simple, I mean there were 4 seasons before this that we loyal fans didn't just "watch" we freakin' researched each episode and built charts and maps to follow it. We spent weekends of our lives re-watching it instead of going outside, drawing the blinds if it dare get sunny and glare the screen causing us to miss the most delicate clue.

Don't fool us by saying all you need is a clip show to catch up.


I will say after watching the recap show in the beginning of this season my instant reaction was - I can't believe I've spent four years of my life obsessing when they just summed up all that shit in an hour.

So, if you ever thought about checking out LOST try a clip show.


I still have to try....

ABC what if I made you a deal and promised to make like 2 friends watch LOST? And all of the LOST fans promised this, so you don't have to run these stupid filler shows and we can get on with the answers.

I'm just really pumped for the Faraday episode, and it sucks that I'll be watching the clip show tonight.

Oh, yeah, I'll still watch a clip show. I'm a LOST fan, we're all kinda nuts like that.

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Andrea said...

I didn't watch the clip show. I'm protesting! Wait. Does it count as protesting if you have it on in the background?