Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Law and Order Criminal Intent Overhyped

For the past two months whenever I've been at home watching my Law & Order: SVU or CI, or Monk marathons on USA I've seen the commercials for the new season of Criminal Intent and gotten progressively more and more stoked.

Not only was the crazy-ass detective Goren (played by the equally crazy-ass amazing Vincent D'Onofrio) going to be back, but Jeff Goldblum was joining the cast!
Look at him, he looks like a wily detective - this had awesomeness all over it.

So, I patiently waited for the ability to program my DVR and watch this amazing debut. To psych myself up I watched the entire marathon of Criminal Intent all day on Sunday. While watching though the commercials seemed to hype Goldblum less, and less...

I still wanted to watch though, because they promised it would be disturbing. Although I hate scary movies, I adore creepy stories of killers being brought to justice - I'm aware that's a little odd.
Anyway, I deciced I was going to DVR Family Guy and watch Criminal Intent live because I had waited so long for it's triumpant return.

What a f'in let down.

It was a straight forward story, with a little bit of sexual abuse that SVU would've handled much better, and all-in-all a giant disappointment. It didn't even have a really break-down crazy interrogation scene. Boooooring.

I should've watched Family Guy instead. That had a better legal thriller afoot. The medical marijuana episode was way more epic than the Criminal Intent premier. Which proves again, I should go with my teenage viewing instinct and save my adult contemporary viewing for a rainy day.

Let's hope next week's episode is more Goldblumier, or even a little Goldblumy.

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