Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not Yet Famous: Internet Shows to Watch

Here's some stuff I've seen on the interweb lately that I've enjoyed:

A new web series from comedian Sean O'Connor and Jillian Federman, Sean and Jilly Move In is a funny look at when a couple in NYC moves in together.
Check it out by clicking here.
Don't want to commit to a new web page?
Here's the premier episode, you'll click on it after I bet to see more:

Sean and Jilly Move In - 1 from Sean and Jilly on Vimeo.

and another yet to be big time is MisGuided from writer/director/comedian Joe Brian Shell. It's a story about a reluctant guidance counselor (read: a guidance counselor). It's a submission for the NYTVF (New York Television Festival) that I'm hoping gets picked up because it's promising. Check out the trailer:

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