Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sarah Chalke Moonlights and Raises Speculation on Scrubs and How I Met Your Mother

Spoiler Alert
– giving away the ending of May 4th, 2009 episode of How I Met Your Mother

Last night’s episode of the CBS comedy that should be number 1, How I Met Your Mother, was a build up to the meeting of – the mother.

We think.

It’s an elaborate story that Bob Sagat unfolds for his character Ted Mosby (played well by Josh Radnor, though it doesn’t make sense why he doesn’t narrate as well… Are we to believe his voice just gets deeper and deeper with each child this so-called Mother bares?) goes out on a walk that could’ve gone several ways, but goes on one direct path, due to many factors, that leads him to –Sarah Chalke???!?!

Yes, Sarah Chalke aka “The other Becky”, or as more modern TV watchers know her as Elliot Reed from Scrubs. Fans of HIMYM know, that she’s also Ted’s ex, Stella. She returned last night, outstretched her arm and placed it on Ted’s shoulder and began what we’re led to believe is the final chapter of how Ted met his unenthused children’s mother.

There’s more holes in this theory than the Swiss’s cheese though.

1. On HIMYM they had a cut away that showed what it would’ve been if Stella and Ted got married and the kids were different.

2. Sarah Chalke’s on another show…though it is completely feasible that this season is the last for Scurbs. Zak Braff is leaving the show and if they continue on I fear it will be as entertaining as that last season of That '70s Show
without Eric Foreman.

So, I ask you fellow HIMYM watchers, do you think Stella’s the mother of Ted’s kids, or can we look forward to another plot twist?

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