Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Return of Scrubs?

Here's some breaking news I'd rather not report on.

Apparently, even though they had an amazingly perfect final episode, Scrub stars Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke say they'll go for another season.


I love Scrubs. It's not a popular statement to make, but I think it's a great show with wonderful characters and reliable comedy.

With that said, it's done. We had a wonderful ending, we mourned together discussing the beautiful final moments, and we've accepted it's death.

Let's let dead be dead, ok ABC?

Have you not seen the advertisement's for Chalke's Maneater on Lifetime?
It seems to be the similar launch they did for Will and Grace's Debrah Messing's show The Starter Wife on USA. Billed as a movie event, but expected to be a series.

Chalke's show looks like another stupid estrogen comedy about a woman dumped who finds herself. Sure, it's trite, but it could still make it - why go back to Scurbs?

We know that Chalke loves the double duty though, with her work on and How I Met Your Mother and Scrubs this season. But will she really give up her own series, or was she dumped at the first-airing-alter and crawling back to the "reliable hit"?

I guess we're gonna have to put this in the hands of TV fate.

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Kevin Tor said...

I don't deny loving Scrubs. It's fantastic. However, this would be a huge mistake. What's left to do? They're just having a Brett Favre reaction to it being over. Let's hope they don't carry it as far as Favre.