Monday, May 11, 2009

Scrubs Last Episode

Verdict is in, it was a great last episode.

From start to finish it did all that a last episode should do.
Here's what you need for a good end:

1. Don't leave too many loose ends

2. Don't make it seem like it's going to just keep on going the same way, it should be an end.

3. Reflect on the great years of the show

4. Have a backstage moment afterwards

In honor of the last Scrubs here are my 3 favorite "Last Episodes"

1. Family Ties - The ending where everyone came out and took a bow was magnificent. From beginning to end you knew where it came from and that it was never going to be the same for the characters, and it ended at the right moment for the series characters and actors alike.

2. Cheers - To be honest, I think my favorite part of the ending was the LIVE feed from the "actual" bar in Boston where it was said that "Never were there so many genuinely drunk people on television." It was a fun farewell.

3. M*A*S*H - All of America was a part of Hawkeye leaving Korea (It remains the highest rated television show ever.) and it was genuinely an end of an era. I don't believe any other show was able to capture the dramedy quite as well. (Although, I wish the entire series was never given a laugh track.)

I hope that even though this is the end of Scrubs, we don't see the last of Randall Winston. He produces great sitcoms that have a fun twist, it would be a shame if he quits here.

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