Wednesday, July 9, 2008

American Pride

I know the Fourth of July has come and gone, but being a native New Yorker I feel some sense of pride knowing that today was the day the Declaration of Independence was read in New York.

And because of that I want to celebrate my Amercanism by making up a new word (see: Americanism) and also celebrating one of the best shows to ever show off freedom of speech, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This clip came from the classic episode entitled Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody's Asses and it can be seen on Hulu by clicking on this link. (NOTE: You will have to create a Hulu account to see this program due to the fact that it's TV MA. It's worth it.)

I cannot wait for this sitcom to return. It's by far one of the boldest comedies on television since Seinfeld. Just as they took the "friend" comedy to another level, It's Always Sunny goes even further and mocks just about everything in such a manner that you can't even get pissed at their hilarious ignorance.

If you aren't watching this show, I highly recommend picking up Seasons 1 & 2 on DVDwhich is absolutely hilarious.

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