Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Theme Song Study

Have you ever noticed that whenever you try to sing the Family Matters theme song you always end up singing the Full House one?
When you try to complete the Family Matters theme song you get it garbled with the Perfect Strangers theme?

Well, first of all this is understandable. All three shows were on the golden years of Friday night television - the ultimate television package line-up known as T.G.I.F. on ABC.

What you might not know is originally the theme for Family Matters was Nat King Cole's What a Wonderful World. This changed, thankfully, to this song (click here)

The theme to Family Matters was written by Jesse Frederick, Bennet Salvay and Scott Roeme.
The duo of Frederick and Salvay also composed Perfect Strangers. This accounts for their similarities...

BUT, none other than Uncle Jesse himself, wrote the theme song to Full House. That's right ladies, John "still hot, still great hair" Stamos wrote this gem:

You think Stamos ripped that shit off from Jesse Frederick?


Jesse Frederick sings it.

And that is why Perfecrt Strangers, Full House, and Family Matters theme songs all sound the same.

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