Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your 2008 Emmy Nominations

Here's the run down...

Best Drama
BOSTON LEGAL ---really? People are still watching this show? And they consider it a drama? It's pretty much the poor man's Alley McBeal without dream sequences.
Mad Men --- didn't this already win an Emmy for the first season? I mean I love it, but let's just say it's awesome and move on.
Dexter --- GREAT show. Really creepy, compelling and something that is not to be missed. A strong contender.
Damages: --- I found this show to be a little too into itself. I am willing to give it another shot, but I think the storyline is a little too night time soap opera meets law drama. I could be wrong here though. I'm going off the pilot, which is never the strongest.
Lost --- Amazing show. Great season. They really kicked it up a notch and deserve the recognition.
House, M.D. --- This season was the worst season, with the best season finale. Tough call. But can we all agree the extra team members are people you just couldn't care less about? Just keep showing House being a dick, it's all we really care about.

Best Comedy Series
Entourage - This show is a fun superficial comedy, but it's nothing so outstanding that deserves the kudos of an Emmy.
Two and A Half Men- a national tragedy that it's the number 1 sitcom. Make it stop America, I beg of you, make it stop.
Curb Your Enthusiasm- Consider it curbed. I love this show, but we've been uncomfortabley hilarious for long enough, this season wasn't as good as past seasons. I think it's time to say goodbye.
The Office
- Here's a show that continues to get better. The writers and actors seem to all work really hard together to put forth characters that you care about and want to love and laugh at. It's really well done, but I don't see it getting the award this year.
30 Rock
- This show has 17 nominations total, and had one of the best seasons ever in sitcom history. Topping out with my favorite 2.42 minutes in television history. I give you the clip that will win them their Emmy...

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