Monday, July 28, 2008

Shows I Can't Wait For: Dexter and Californication

In exactly 2 months, September 28, 2008 --Showtime will premier Dexter AND Californication.

I'm obsessed with both of these shows.

If you like CSI and/or Law & Order - take it to the next level with Dexter. Ya know how cops always get way to into the cases on those shows? Well, Dexter wants vengeance so bad he'll indulge in another extreme need he has, he'll kill the wrong-doer.
It's extremely creepy thanks to Michael C. Hall, an amazing supporting case, great writing, and an overall well put together production team.

I wasn't really super crazy about David Duchovny in a sexual attraction ever. I always was on the line about his aloof acting in The X Files. But, like many I was won over when he was in the comedy film Evolution. (His cameo in Zoolander also hilarious) So, I watched the film The TV Set on Showtime, and then decided, what the hey - I'll check out Californication.
The premise is pretty much things my nightmares are made of - a New York writer goes to LA to work on seeing his vision put on film, only to see his work and his life be reduced to phony Hollywood glam.
This show is sexy, funny, real and absurd. A completely entertaining show that I look forward to seeing how they continue the storylilne through in the second season.

Basically kids, get psyched for September 28th...

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sHiNiStEr said...

seriously, dexter needs to come back yesterday.

cool blog!...i came across it from your surf v. hulu post...internet is amazing...also, i just started mad men, and had to speed scroll to the bottom of the page after catching "season two premier" in an earlier post, to avoid any spoilers (whew)

i look forward to reading on

(returns to mindless googling)