Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Thoughts on Your Ad Here

This week’s discussion: Adam Corolla’s Taco Bell Commercial

Is it wrong that the more he talks about this "Big Box Meal" being a manly meal…the more I want it?

I mean, it's got all the food I love, and Adam Corolla likes it too?


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Anonymous said...

I found your blog from googling the adam corolla/TB commercial. I was just wondering if anyone thought he was as big of a fraud as I do.
He's never had a legitimate job...every project he's been involved with has gone belly-up. He's not funny, he's kind of offensive to look at.
I don't understand why anyone would hire him.
I won't be eating Taco Bell any time soon. Even if I DID treat my body like that, I'd skip it for a few months just based on that commercial.
Ick...adam corolla....ICK. Phew.